Minggu, 30 November 2008

Mobile Megatrend : The Internet Is Reaching Into The Phone

2001+ : The Phone reached out to the internet trough WAP and Web

But the phone was only opn to the short head of 10s of 2nd parties (OEM Partners) and 100s of 3rd parties with strong funding.

2007+ : The Internet is reacheing into the phone
The long tail of 1.000s to 1.000,000s of 3rd party developers and scripters are reaching out to the phone thanks to availability of AJAX, Widget platforms and Web runtimes e.g Nokia Web RunTime, Nokia S60 browser, Motorola WebUI, Nokia Widsets, OPera Widgets, Bling Software, Webwag.

2009+ : The Phone becomes and activer node of the Internet
Consuming and producing services, e.g Nokia S60 web server, efforts by Conveneer.

... Lets the Mobile Live, Prepare Now !!!!!!

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ipv6 mengatakan...

The internet is reaching into the phone, but the phone is not reaching the internet becourse lack of coverage ;)

ipv6 mengatakan...


Madu Nektar mengatakan...

yup .... and the bill too :-) ,or may yu've idea??? how to give everyone internet conn??